As a family we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and try to mitigate this where possible.  This is a vision that we have seen reflected by the majority of our guests so it seemed only natural to move the business forwards by making changes towards a more sustainable experience.  

While our business has always been green we have made some recent improvement and a proud that say that we now hold a Silver Green Tourism award. 

When you book a stay at Farmstead Glamping we want you to be assured that we have done everything possible to minimise our effect on the environment.


Here’s what we do. 

Your shepherds Hut is off the grid and powered by its own Solar Panel.

The Shepherds Huts were produced locally (less than 15 miles) and made using local and responsibly sourced materials. 

The majority of the product in the Shepherds Huts are locally sourced.  The sinks for example where hand crafted 10 miles away. 

Local Teas and Coffee that display the rain forest Alliance Badge.

Food Hampers contain all local produce and where possible come to you in reusable containers eliminating as much single use plastic as possible.

Neals Yard Organic Hand wash and Lotion.

The accommodation is stocked with Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. 

Laundry is done ‘in house’ with A+++ rated machine

Refillable Ecover cleaning products are provided for guest use and used during change over.

Washable microfiber cleaning cloths are used to clean the Shepherds Huts.

Recycling and food waste bins are provided by the accommodation.

Food waste and paper/card waste is composted at home and used by us.  By doing so we are trying to take responsibility for our own waste and further improve our impact on the local environment. 

Dry seasoned local wood and additional kiln dried for the burners and hot tub

Bug hotels.

Sections of wildflower meadow. 

Members of the Towns commerce group.


Here’s what we would like you to do.

Use the recycling bins provided.

Support the local economy by buying local produce and products and the local services such and the fantastic cafe’s and pubs Sturminster Newton has to offer.

Reduce you Carbon foot print by leaving your car behind and exploring the local area on foot.

Be kind to the local environment.

When exploring the local area please follow the Countryside Code (more details here).  Please note their is no ‘right to roam’ in this area so please stick to the marked footpaths and bridleways

Clean up after your dogs using the bags provided. 

Enjoy yourselves doing carbon neutral activities such as star gazing, wildlife watching and playing board games. 


Want to go the Extra mile?

Why not try travelling here by public transport. It involves a little walk and often both a train and bus ride but it can be done .  Go to the travel line to see if your journey is possible (please be sure to check your return date/time too)

Buy a tree from us to help off set your carbon footprint. The world needs more trees and we will be planting some on the farm over the coming years.  Buy a tree during the booking process or via the online shop and we will plant your tree the following Autumn and look after it for the years to come. 

We are proud supporters of the Dorset Wildlife Trust.  If you would like to make a small donation to help protect our local wildlife then this can be done during the booking process or via our online shop.  

Why not calculate your carbon footprint using the calculator below